Sample Data Sets

Customer Success Use Cases

Squark’s no code predictive analytics tool puts the power of uncovering customer insights and opportunities in the customer success team’s hands. There is no programming or data science knowledge needed.  

Here are some examples of how customer success teams are using the tool: 

  • Increasing customer acquisition by predicting what offer(s) will lead to a transaction.
  • Increasing retention and reducing churn by predicting who is at risk at the account level and learning what data points influence behavior.
  • Increasing revenue through upselling and cross-selling by predicting what products to recommend to each customer.

Download our sample data set(s) and discover the ease and power of Squark's predictive modeling and begin making predictions today! 


“Learn what your customers will do next, before your competitors do.

-  Judah Phillips, Co-Founder Product and Growth


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