Sample Data Sets

Marketing Use Cases

Marketers are often the first to adopt and utilize analytics tools to inform their actions. Squark's no code tool puts the power of predictive analytics directly in their hands. Machine learning detects patterns and signals in data faster than humans and with Squark’s application you can leverage that power with no data science or programming knowledge.

Here are examples of how marketing teams are increasing revenue and improving strategy through using the tool: 

  • Predicting which offers (coupons) sent to customers will lead to a transaction for both new and existing customers
  • Predicting which ads to run to different segments
  • Predicting the media mix combinations that drive the most sales

Download our sample data set(s) and discover the ease and power of Squark's predictive modeling and begin making predictions today! 


“AI should be for every business. With Squark and your customer data, now it is.”

-Judah Phillips, Co-Founder Product and Growth


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