How High-Performing Customer Success Teams are Innovating In Today's Environments

Hosted: April 29, 2021

Businesses that win not only generate net new customers, they retain their existing customer base and further their customers’ success. But the past year has not been business like usual.  As a result, customer success teams have had to adapt to changing customer needs and anticipate and predict account changes to maintain a satisfactory customer health.

It is important to discuss how top-performing CS teams historically stayed ahead of anticipated account changes, knowing what to up and cross-sell and when, and maintaining good customer health.  And compare those notes to how CS teams today are embracing new techniques and software to help predict ever-changing customer needs and prioritize those efforts.

Join Jonathan Corbin, the Vice President of Customer Success & Global Strategy from HubSpot and Judah Phillips, the cofounder of Squark to hear how CS strategy and technology are evolving to meet the new ever-changing customer in today's business environment. 

In the 30 minute webinar, you’ll learn:

What has worked well in the past to maintain good customer health for both, the customer and the business.  And discuss how that has changed over the past year.

How a few strategic adjustments and new technology are helping a top-performing customer success organization, like Hubspot, deliver and prioritize support across 100,000+ customers in the wake of unpredictable business today.

How the adoption of AI and machine learning are transforming the customer success and service industry.

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We’re in “a new era—call it customer success 2.0—in which many companies are focusing on growth in addition to churn. By artfully drawing on a CSM’s intimate customer knowledge, companies can surface opportunities to provide relevant solutions and expand customer value.”

-McKinsey, Introducing customer success 2.0: The new growth engine, January 25, 2018

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Jonathan Corbin

Vice President of Customer Success & Global Strategy at HubSpot



Judah Phillips

Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Product and Growth at Squark