Webinar Series: What is Explainable Natural Language Processing (NLP) & How Does it Work?

Straight out of the groundbreaking work in our labs, Squark wants to take you on a journey about how to apply language in AI.

    • Demystifying NLP:  Powering Today's Business Apps
      • Released: September 23, 2022

    • NLP Deep Dive: Techniques and Methods for Explainable NLP
      • Released: October 7, 2022

    • NLP Applied: Explainable NLP in Action on Real Use Cases
      • Coming Soon

The rate of innovation across all sectors, particularly data processing and data analysis, is only increasing, and it’s not easy to stay up-to-date on the latest technological advances and techniques.  Natural language processing ties together computer science, more specifically, artificial intelligence, and linguistics to automatically compute and process large amounts of human language.  Tying together human language, and artificial intelligence is not an easy feat and the steps a data scientist would take to build out an analysis can be confusing. The application of NLP can easily span different departments within a single company.  From customer success using it to keep a pulse on customer issues, product using NLP to uncover product challenges within support tickets, to marketing using it to monitor social media accounts. 

Join Judah Phillips for a three-part NLP series to gain a better understanding of NLP, what it is, how the analysis is created, and how to read and action the results.

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In the 3-Part Series, you’ll learn:

What Natural Language Processing is, how it’s being applied today and what the future may hold.

What are libraries, and which are available and preferred.

What a vector is, why they are important, and how to create them.

Which techniques are used to clean each vector.

How vectors are organized to create the analysis.

How NLP is advancing and what’s next.


We tend to look through language and not realize how much power language has.

- Deborah Frances Tannen an author and professor of linguistics at Georgetown University



Judah Phillips

Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Product and Growth at Squark